Worrying does not take away tomorrow's sorrows; it takes away today's peace.

8 Truths you Need to Accept in your Early Twenties


Our early 20s are a rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, tears, on-and-off again relationships, friends both lost and found, and crazy deadlines. However, in this exciting and frustrating time we can learn one important thing: We’re exactly where we are supposed to be.

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15 Things to Do in 2015


The New Year is now upon us, meaning it is a time to instill positive changes with revived motivation. However, in order to make 2015 your best year yet, you need to create the positive changes yourself. Here’s a list of non-negotiable things to do in 2015 in order to make this year, the best year:

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3 Reasons Why Winter Isn’t so Bad After All


With the First Day of Winter right around the corner, it can bring up mixed feelings. However; like all seasons, Winter has it’s beauty, and it’s important to remember that on even the coldest and darkest day. Here are the three things that make Winter a great season:

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12 Gifts you need to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up and the “12 days of Christmas” right around the corner, it can be a hectic time for anyone. However, through all the busy shopping excursions and Seasons Greetings card sending it is important to take step back and give yourself some much needed gifts as well. Here at the 12 gifts you need to give yourself this season:

1) The Gift of Peace.

With cheer in the air and a New Year beginning soon, now is the perfect time to take a look back at the year, and grant yourself peace for any (and all) of the worries, fears, and anxieties that have been buzzing around in your mind. Take a deep breath, and invite peace into your heart. This is not always easy, but it is always necessary.


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An Open Letter to Those who were Left


Dear Those Who Were Left,

Pause. Take  a breath. I can’t tell you that this feeling will go away quickly, but I can tell you something else that is much more valuable…

The person who has left you has given you a great gift.

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5 Small Steps that Lead to Big Success

Having assignment after assignment can be extremely intimidating at first, but with the help of some useful strategies it’s easy to prioritize and strategize in order to get work done and achieve your goals.

This is for you, college students. Rock those finals. Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Make daily to-do lists…but cross off the little stuff early on.

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10 ways your Best Friend is more like your Super-Hero


Dedicated with love to my amazing best friend, Jessica.

1) They are the only person you can actually share everything with. I mean every detail. You know they got your back.


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3 Key Ways to be Happily Single

It’s a saying we have heard a million times: “You must love yourself before you can love another.” We have all heard it, we have all rolled our eyes at it, but only a few of us have truly opened up to it. Those who have are the happy and confident single people we glare at from afar, but secretly envy because of their uncanny ability to be cool, confident, and single.

Well my advice to you is: Don’t hate them. Become them.

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Why You Need To Stop Accepting Conditional Love

James Michael Sama

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier about her current dating situation, the subject of challenges we all face in life, and how a significant other will handle them. She is in the very early stages of seeing someone, but those stages are still there to teach you about a person.


A lot of us have either been in a relationship with somebody, or know someone else who has, that seemed to care just a little bit (or a lot) less than we did. We may have been let down by a variety of reasons – either they just didn’t feel the same way, they ‘friend zoned’ you, or they gave you the ever popular: “It’s not you, it’s me.” Either way, the feeling of rejection is the same. While we all handle it differently, it is a safe bet to assume there were a few periods of…

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