Writing about Mother’s Day is particularly beautiful and challenging for me, because I lost my mother after a brave two year battle with cancer in 2006. I spent so much time being angry about her loss, that I almost lost sight of all the beautiful things that made her without a doubt the most inspiring, loving, and strong woman I am blessed to have raised me. This post is dedicated to her, with all of my love.

1) For every time you have worried about something, your mom has worried about you.

She worried about you when she saw you crying over a middle-school crush. She worried about you when you pulled out of the driveway driving a car by yourself for the first time. She worried about you when it was 10:58 p.m. and you still hadn’t called. She worried about your health, safety, and well-being before you knew what all of those things meant. Don’t take that for granted. Remember that her worry comes from a place of love.

2) She has loved you from day one. Literally.

She nurtured you as soon as she knew you were arriving, she held you when you were a crying baby and she laughed and cried when you took your first steps. She has been there for all your little victories that have helped you grow into the person you are today.


3) Your mom is your biggest fan.

She may embarrass you about bragging about how good you are, but she truly believes you are something wonderful. Your mom supported every big or small event and victory in your life, from the time you tied your own shoes by yourself to the time you almost won the Kangaroo-Club jump-rope competition in 5th grade (okay, so maybe the last example is just me).

4) No one will ever love you in the same way.

Your mom knows what you were like as a baby, a little kid, and beyond. She has watched  you go through all of those changes with love and adoration, and no one will ever know you or love you in quite the same way.


5) One day you will realize those times she embarrassed you were really some of the best times of your life.

Those stories that had you shaking your head and hiding your face in shame are the same stories that you will share at family reunions down the line, keep that in mind.

6) You are her reason to keep going.

You are her proudest achievement, never lose sight of that.


7) Your mom is your real-life guardian angel.

Whether she was in charge of talking to your teacher when you felt you got a grade you didn’t deserve, or when she was in charge of rescuing you from a date that has gone horribly wrong, your mom is always willing to stick up for you and is always trying to make sure that you are as happy as you can be.

8) She has gone to crazy extremes to see you smile.

She rented out entire buildings so you could have your birthday party at a cool place growing up and made sure she knew exactly what gift to give you and who to invite. She planned all these parties and events with your smile in mind, just so she could show you how much she cares.


9) She cheered you on…even when you were really bad at something.

Heck, my mom even cheered for me when I scored a goal for the other team when I was a soccer player in 5th grade (sorry, Bulldogs!) Needless to say, I was really bad at soccer, but my mom was never bad at loving and supporting me. Your mom feels the same way about you. Cherish it.

10) One day you won’t be able to tell her you love her in person, so seize the opportunity now.

This is a fact I know all too well.

So go call your mom and tell you love her, or go run into her arms. She has and always will love you. So spend some time today returning that love. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your mother, just remember that small steps lead to big successes, and even the worst relationships can become happy and healthy again.


To any readers who have lost their mother: You are not alone, and just remember she is with you, always.