We’ve all heard the buzz about Britt Nilsson. the beautiful and charming bachelor contestant who is now co-bachelorette with other crowd favorite, Kaitlyn Bristowe. However, towards the end of her time on The Bachelor Britt received some not-so-good that had not-so-good effects on her reputation. People have been accusing her of being fake, but in all honesty, she was the realist contestant on the show in so many ways. Here’s my personal breakdown:

1) It is absolutely normal, and healthy, to analyze relationships critically at first.

When you’re first meeting someone and feeling them out, it’s so important you analyze their character and determine how who they are fits in with who you are. Britt voiced this, and did not put Chris on this high pedestal, but instead approached the relationships as if they were equals. She didn’t grovel at his feet every two seconds, and she didn’t idolize him in an unhealthy way. I feel too many women this season made the mistake of wanting Chris, but not really taking the time to understand what it meant to be in a relationship with Chris. There is a difference.

2) Britt did not talk negatively about any of the girls in the house.

She didn’t even have any negative thing to say about Ashley S. She did not stoop to the level of trying to portray the flaws of the other women, but instead mentioned that she grew close and built friendships on the show. If there was anything she was feeling about her relationship with Chris, she talked to Chris about it, as opposed to projecting any negative feelings such as jealousy or anger towards the other members of the house.

3) We have all made relationship mistakes.

Fortunately for most of us, they did not end up on national TV.

Maybe I feel a certain empathy towards Britt because I have been that girl crying on the sidewalk curb, wishing I could explain exactly how I felt but knowing in my heart it was too late. I have been that girl that wanted so badly to validate my feelings to another man, only to have him show validation towards someone else. We all have, because we’re human. It’s about time we start seeing the people on the show as people who are looking to be loved and accepted, just like everyone else. They won’t always get it right.


4) She showed pure emotion, both good and bad.

She did not mask her feelings, which most people do. While I’m in no way justifying her outburst, which she herself later explained was rude and unwarranted, but I can applaud her for being confident enough in herself to show emotion without fear. What honestly surprised me most was how she received ridicule for the silliest of things. She faced ridicule for being afraid of heights but then getting over it and having the time of her life on the hot-air balloon ride. I find this to be insane. When people conquer fears, it’s absolutely natural to feel elated and happy when we are doing the thing we fear most.

5) She was clear that she was on the show for love, not fame or personal gain.

This woman is beautiful and intelligent. She had already had screen time due to her acting career. If she really wanted more screen-time that badly, she could have easily gotten You-Tube famous by posting hair and make-up tutorials. People do this all the time. She wanted love, simple as that. It was her goal for The Bachelor and it is her goal for The Bachelorette. Honestly, I’ve already heard plenty of spoilers…but I’m hoping she finds exactly what she is looking for, because a kind-hearted woman like her deserves the best.