Sorry ladies, the secrets are out.

1) This is how we feel when we’re going to bed after a REALLY good date. cutegif

2) This is what we really want to say when someone disagrees with us (even though we’re totally right).


3) We hold the firm belief that wine is always justified. No matter what. wineisalwaysagoodchoice

4) We try to be polite when we’re eating in front of someone new for the first time…but the second they walk away or look away we’re all like…


5) Don’t get me wrong, we still like to maintain our fitness.


6) But we still like to retain our femininity at the same time.


7) We really do get super excited about the little things.


8) Okay, so sometimes we get excited a little too soon.


9) We all have done some things that we regret.


10) Truth is, we all believe that being a girl is straight up challenging at times. girlprobs

11) When we’re sad, we shop. When we’re happy? We shop. celebrate

12) Sometimes we all get a little jealous of our tall blonde friend. #brunettestruggles


13) We do victory dances in public and private scenarios.


14) It takes us a while to open up to the people we love, but when we do, we just want them to be honest with us.


15) Last but certainly not least, we all feel the need to strike a pose in the mirror when we look particularly good. Or everyday. Whichever works.


In the end, as long as we got our best girl friends and some good food…we don’t think life is so bad after all.


Just had to do a nice, light-hearted post to get me through mid-terms week. Enjoy!