As they say “The first cut is the deepest.” However, even if your first love had a shaky ending, there are also so many beautiful life lessons that can be taken from this experience in order to help you form better relationships with others in the future.

Life Lesson Number One: The best form of love is one with innocent intentions.

Think back to your high school romance or first crush. You probably just got excited to be in their company. You weren’t pressuring them for marriage or reminding them your biological clock was ticking. You just wanted to be around them. Your first love probably felt the same way. You formed a relationship because you really enjoyed the company of the other person. Adopt that mentality again today. Don’t set out to find the person you are going to marry by screening every man or woman you meet, just find someone who you genuinely enjoy being around and want to find out more about. This leads to our second life lesson learned from our first love…

Life Lesson Number Two: Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

One of the most beautiful things about our first real relationship experiences is that every single act of physical love was a milestone, and these milestones were in no way expected to be reached all in one time or place. Simply holding the hand of the person was enough to give you butterflies. You stole quick kisses in the high school hallways and had long discussions before going any further than that. Most times, we fall so hard for our first love because we actually take the time with them to form an emotional connection, before just rushing into all of the physical aspects of a relationship. Revisit that part of your life throughout your adult relationships. There is no need to rush anything physical, even in today’s prominent hook-up culture. This will help you know if the person you are dating likes you for you, or simply the physical actions you have to offer.


Life Lesson Number Three: You Learn How to be a Good Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

Prior to this relationship, you had no clue what dating was about. You just allowed yourself to be who you are and somewhere along the way you realized what it means to be in a lasting relationship. You realized it’s not all fun and butterflies. You realized lasting love requires efforts on both sides, and that communication is so important. You learned how the smallest action, such as sweet text message can make someone else’s day and you learned how to solve problems by working together. Use these lessons to help you, not haunt you. When you do find someone else you want to form a relationship with, you won’t have to guess how to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend…you’ll already know.

Life Lesson Number Four: You Learn What you Want in a Relationship.

From this experience, you learn what is actually important to you in a romantic relationship. You learn more about your personal values, and the importance of being with someone who is on the same page as you.  You learn what actions make you feel happy and what your pet peeves are. You learn more about yourself in the process. Use this life lesson to help you create standards for new relationships and never forget that you are worthy of a great love, and don’t settle for anything less.


Life Lesson Number Five: You Learn how to Move On.

In most cases, our first love will not be our last or only love. While it can hurt at first losing an important person from your life, the beautiful truth is that this experience teaches you how to move on and let go. You become resilient and stronger in the process. You learn how to get over a break-up and how to pick yourself back up after adversary. This is a wonderful thing, and this skill is something that can guide you through hardships for the rest of your life. Even if it doesn’t always seem to be the case, one day you will realize that this break-up was really a blessing. Use these lessons to find that blessing, and allow yourself to move on with grace and faith.

Have faith that you will end up with the person who is perfect for you and have no fear that the right person will show up at just the right time.