With the First Day of Winter right around the corner, it can bring up mixed feelings. However; like all seasons, Winter has it’s beauty, and it’s important to remember that on even the coldest and darkest day. Here are the three things that make Winter a great season:

1) Winter has some awesome holidays.

Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day… all of these holidays are basically excuses to eat a lot of food and party. The air is practically filled with celebration. Also during Christmas and New Year’s most businesses have the day and night off, meaning more time to spend with loved ones. Plus, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are gift-giving holidays, so you get to show your love to others by giving gifts, and you get free stuff for yourself too. You win this round, Winter.


2) Snow can be awesome.

When you think about it, snow does have a magical quality to it. When the sun hits the ground after a big snow-storm it creates a real-life fairytale scene by shining and sparkling. Plus, if you have the day off cuddling up to a movie and watching the snow fall is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Also, snow sports like skiing, snow-boarding and ice-skating are sure-fire ways to bring out the kid in anyone, adding even more magic to the season.


3) Winter is a time of joy and new beginnings.

During the winter, we reflect on the past and make new goals for the future. There is a sense of joy in the air, and the feeling that anything is possible that can leave us feeling inspired (if we allow it to do so). Even taking your dog on a walk is more joyful because you can enjoy the beautiful sight of Christmas lights that surround you. This time of year is also very romantic, where new relationships can be formed or old ones can be rekindled. Embrace this aspect of winter, as it only comes once a year.


Oh– and Winter has some awesome coffee selections too. Peppermint mocha? Yes please.


So enjoy this Winter, and embrace this season for all the wonderful qualities it has. Put your faith that this season will bring you wonderful things over your fear of cold, dark days. You’ll be glad you did.