Dedicated with love to my amazing best friend, Jessica.

1) They are the only person you can actually share everything with. I mean every detail. You know they got your back.


2) Being called clingy towards your best friend is not an insult. In fact it’s the greatest compliment. Go ahead, call me clingy. I dare you.


Oh, and if someone dislikes how much you hangout with your best friend, they are automatically a…


3) They know all about that dorky turtleneck sweater you wore on picture day in second grade and they still chose to be friends with you. That’s real love.


4) They are the one person who will never break your heart. They only break your paycheck…because you spend all of your money doing fun things with them. Yolo.


5) You have this totally random language that is a mixture of dancing, hand-gestures, and talking in between chewing food, but yet you know EXACTLY what you two are talking about.


6) Having a best friend is more like having a personal cheerleader, personal psychiatrist, and personal stylist all in one.


Yep, they always know just what to say.

7) Your best friend is there to witness every personal triumph, every heartbreak, every goal achieved, and they guide you through it all with encouragement and love.


8) No matter how badly you mess up, your best friend will never tell you “I told you so.”


9) They are the one person who will always share their wisdom, and more importantly their food, with you.


No seriously, try to tell your best friend you’re going on a diet and they’re all like


10) And most importantly, no matter what circumstances are thrown your way or how much time has past, your Best Friend will always be there for you, and you two can resume hanging out and talking as if nothing ever happened.


So go call your best friend or jump into their arms and tell them you love them. Remember, they are your ultimate super-hero.