As a college student, I know a thing or two about procrastination. I know how it feels to have overwhelming assignment lists, full calendars, and motivation that is lacking to zero. However, once we take the pressure off ourselves to achieve accomplishment after accomplishment we can rid ourselves of the anxiety that closely follows procrastination. Here is how, in just two simple words:

“No biggie.”

(Okay, so one isn’t really a grammatical correct word, but what can I say…I was raised listening to biggie smalls. The point remains the same.)

Start reviewing your lists of goals for today, and applying the mentality that these tasks that once seemed so daunting are “no biggie,” or no big deal. Once we do this, our mind instantaneously feels more at ease with the taskĀ at hand. We simply don’t avoid tasks to great degrees if we set up the task as “no biggie” or easy to accomplish within our minds.

Have a review article to work on today? That’s cool. No biggie.

Have a really important presentation today? That’s great. No biggie.

I have applied this to my own course work and it has helped me start assignments earlier, and work on them more consistently as opposed to just setting everything aside to the good old night before. Once we realize that not all tasks are huge tasks, we can really beat the uphill battle of procrastination. All it takes is a new perspective.

Also, it is important to remember that tasks aren’t so daunting once we start “doing.” Have faith that you can, and will, rock any assignment, task, or responsibility that comes your way.

So go ahead and get started on those to-do lists, it’s no biggie.